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"Vlaemsche Premitieven" CD
Evil and straight black metal played in the most hatefull way.

"Mustamaa" CD
Finish extreme black metal. Prepare for the satanic WAR!!!!

"Rape, rape, rape" CD
Mirai from Sigh and Barbatos from Abigail unite their powers.

: "Arrival of the Funeral Dogs" CD
PURE DEATH METAL in the vein of Morbid Angel, Incantation, Entombed. Khert-Neter is formed by members
of the Finish black metalers PEST, on this recording is also featured members of HORNA. full presentation...

: "En Oria" CD
Greek majestic black metal totaly inspired by the sea nature and beauty.
Featuring members of SEPTIC FLESH and ORDER OF THE EBON HAND. full presentation...

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