"En Oria" CD

Majestic black metal totaly inspired by the sea nature and beauty. Cosmic keys and melodies that will lead to you to the underworld. Featuring members of SEPTIC FLESH and ORDER OF THE EBON HAND

Track list:
1. Night Omen
2. To the Shrine
3. The drowning
4. Queen of the deep
5. En Oria
6. Enter the rift of chaos
7. Final Redemption
8. AuRa

You can order your copy direct from our address for 12$.

Below you can find a short NOCTERNITY biography, interview and a MP3 track of "En Oria" album...

Nocternity was formed early in 1997 by Khal Drogo and with the first line up they recorded in May '98 8 tracks of old kind black metal. June 1998 line up changed Cygma and Merkaal from Order of the Ebon Hand complete the new line up.

They entered the studio with the help of Lethe (Septic Flesh) and finally recorded their first full concept album between February-July 1999 called "En Oria". This effort got the best reviews by all the Greek press giving the band critics that no other new Greek band had in the past since Rotting Christ, Necromantia, Varathron days.
They signed to ISO666 releases for this album and future work. Their line up got finally in a strong basis as Awraum from Inveracity joined the band in early 2000. Await the best from this band.

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