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This site was made to present underground and not only activities in the black metal scene. As you may have see we present labels and bands from other styles too, this due to big responce we get from all of you. We really dont have any problems with activities out from black metal and we would like to present any undergroun activity.

If you want to take part in this site: send us email with your URL and we will do the rest. DONT send pictures via email.

If you already got a page in our site: please keep us updated with your news. We will take note your emails direct to us, no spam as we get too many and its hard to check them all for this site. Also let us know if some info of you want to be deleted from this site.

If you already send us your info, url and still we haven't made your page: we really got too many emails on our first demand from all of you and we still work on many activities to represent. It could be cool if you send one more email to make things quicker.

It could be great if all the bands, labels, magazines take part in my site to add our link in their site. Thanx.

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