Black metal band form Norway

The latest news on the forthcoming 7" EP "Millennium Prophecies", is that it has now been completly recorded, mixed and mastered. It should be released within one months time if everything goes as scheduled.

Utumno are now preparing to record their forthcoming full-length album as soon as possible

Utumno was formed in the spring of 1996 (then with a different name), and the line-up was the same as it is today (however X went under the name 'Morgoth' on the first two demos). After a year of practicing, Utumno started making material for what ended up as a demo in November 1997. The demo was called " Mørkets Rike" (The Empire of Darkness). The feedback on the demo was good, but variable. In May 1998, "Mørkets Rike" was re-released on Demonion Productions.

In June 98 the material for the second demo was completed, and the demo was recorded a month later. It was given the name "Syn Av Ei Ukjend Tid" (Visions of an Unknown Time), and was released through Demonion Productions in August 98. In September 98 the CD version of "Syn Av Ei Ukjend Tid" was released at Carcaroth Productions. The feedback from zines and people in the underground suggested that the demo was a good piece of work, but much critic was aimed towards the lack of characteristics.

After this, Utumno started looking seriously after a label to support them on the upcoming releases, and Utumno started writing material for a planned full-length album. In the summer of 1999, all the material was completed, but still without a record deal Utumno couldn't get it properly recorded and released. A promo version was made to find interest among the record labels, and the promo resulted in a deal with a newly started Italien label, End of Life Records. The deal included a 7" EP and a full-length album, both schuduled for the first half of the year 2000.

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