label from Colombia

Hi maniacs!!!. My name is Mauricio Mortas from Tribulacion Prod. An independ label dedicated to grotesque and dark universe of metal music. Just the underground feelings for real warriors in the subterranean metal scene!. We have professional and kind stuff for you.Only write us and you're welcome to real support in the underground Metal scene.

Engenders ... check out our releases,the prices include postal mail.Labels and distros write us for special prices and possibles traders (contact us first).Bands and labels send us your promo stuff for a great underground radiodifussion and support in COLOMBIA.
All write us and thanks for your attention to our releases, just insane art!!!. We"re here for you, ever we`re honest and serious... Wait for our next attack: TR09 PORTAL DARKNESS (a Dark/Pagan/Black Metal compilation) in tribute to DARKNESS and SADNESS Metal topics!!!!!!!!!!.



TR02 INFERNAL "Hymn In The Sinister Storm" CST `97
Great demo debut from a band totally into darkness. 5 songs with a great powerfull of blasphemy. Just an ANTIcristian Black Metal a cold atmosphere,where the desolation and laments of the beast prevails!!!.

TR03 PLANTA CADAVER "Ultimo Acto" CST`98
Tribulacion Prod & Sylphorium Rec present a brutal cassette with 9 tecnical tracks under the fury a grotesque voice and emanations of dross, are 40 minutes of intense and sick Death metal.....simply brutal !!!.

TR04 INFERNAL "The New Dawn" CD`98
The evil creatures of the nigth are back from the dead world...... This cd contains pure and total agresivess melodies with an unholy vocal...It`s just the demons words. Their music is total war in a dark forest... It`s true and extreme Black Metal Art from Colombia!!!. are 36 minutes of total annihilation...Click Here For a Sample

TR05 AVULSED "Seven Years Of Decay" DIGICD 99
Tribulacion Prod. in cooperation of Quirofano Prod. present to you a Brutal and representative band into Death Metal scene. On this cd you can appreciate the development since this first demo until the prior step the second album. All these tracks are just non-albums recordings and have been played with differents line ups. 16 traks in 64 minutes of real Death Metal feelings ;including great digicd in color cover and quality sound .Really extreme!!!..Click Here For a Sample

TR 06 INFERNAL "Whipping The Sacred Law" CD 2000
Total discharge of hate!. Pure Black Thrashing in the old vein, just a tribute to early 80`s bands. With this music you can feel the malignant power and the glory of the Master of Darkness... Infernal and evil melodies in contrast with the aphocripal time. Are 46 minutes of declarated war against the celestial lousegod. Including a cover of the great band POSSESSED "My Belief".Click Here For a Sample

TR 07 EMETIC DESECRATION VOL1 (Grind Death Compilation) CD`2000
In asociation of the serious label Sylphorium Records present this compilation cd for the bizarre and sick people. Putrefacted Death Grind Metal attack!. Are 18 bands of nauseating experience, featuring: *KRUEGER,*ETNOCIDIO,*BLOOD,*AVULSED,*MASACRE(COL),*FERMENTO,*NOCTURNAL SOUL,*DEHYDRATED,*BURIETH,*DEAD INFECTION,*MALIGNANT TUMOUR,*FLESHLESS,*CATASEXUAL URGE MOTIVATION,*DISGORGE,*PURULENT,*DESECRATE,*PLANTA CADAVER and *DEEDS OF FLESH This 74 minutes are sample of the reallity.!We are only decayed corpses! ALL!!!!!!!!!!

TR 08 BEELZEBUL "The Powerful Essence Of Lucifhtian In Time Of Oscurantism" CD`2000
Tribulacion prod. & Pentagram Prod. present: ...In the occult darkness stay the Averno`s gods, ho great ancestral "god", the blood and the flesh are the pleasure of life. Truthful Metal of the 80`s. Is the insane of the evil souls. admajorem satanae gloriam...shemhamforas!. They`re the Black return of Leviathan expressed in a melodic Black Heavy Metal music. This Luciferians call the demonic spirits, back from the abyss to conquer the mortal world!

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