Black metal label from Australia


FROSTMOON - "Tordenkrig" - CD
Norway, Majestic Black Metal
HOLOCAUST - "Hellfire Holocaust" - MCD
Sweden, Hellish Death Metal

To be released in March 2000
INCINERATOR - "Thrash Attack" - MCD
Sweden, Retro-Thrash Metal
To be released in May 2000
KIVIKYY - "Kosto" Digipak - CD
Finland, Medieval Symphonic Music


They started during the winter of 1997 by Massacra and Tundra, both had a background in various Black Metal bands. Their first Demo was called "Nordgesriket Hylles" and during the summer Tundra split with FROSTMOON and so, Massacra was the only member left. He recorded more four Demos alone, the last Demo was "Massacra's Funeral" but it is important to notice that neither of the so far Demos were promoted and released in the underground scene.

After that, FROSTMOON was contacted by Oskorei Productions from Norway to participate in their CD-Compilation, but Oskorei did feel impressed by musical quality and he decided to offer them a contract for a 7"EP. At this point, Massacra recruited Vinterfrost to do the same job as Tundra once did. This 7"EP was released in April of 1998 what caught the attention of Sound Riot from Portugal to put the FROSTMOON's music on CD format. They also received several proposal to sign a record-deal of major and underground labels on the same period. But hopefully this co-operation was arranged between both through the Oskorei Productions and so, Sound Riot released the FROSTMOON "Tordenkrig" CD in September of 1999.
This material contains their previous 7"EP (remastered), two un-released new tracks and 3 new tracks taken of their forth-coming album entitled "Black Bestial Funeral" which will be released in LP version through Oskorei Productions in 2.000 year. The line-up on the recording of this album was: Massacra (all instruments & Vocals) and Vinterfrost (Vocals arrangements & Choir).
"Tordenkrig" is a powerful and genuine release to reveal the great potential of this very promising and talented newcomer from Norway in advance to every fans of melodic Black Metal music.


This new stuff titled "Hellfire Holocaust" sounds more deadly than the previous stuff, I mean, it's raw, brutal and aggressive! What are the opinions of you about this new stuff?
I think it's just a natural progression from our side. We haven't recorded a demo for two years so I guess it's not so strange that one wants to take the music a bit further.

You have recorded 07 killer songs but this will be released as a Mini-CD because the total time are 25 minutes. The question is, their Full-lenght album will have longer songs or maybe you'll record 10-12 songs?
Yes it is true that our songs are relativily short. But if we will record a whole cd then there will be more songs of course. I don't know about the length though. Cause it can be hard to keep a song intense when it is too long.

To me, HOLOCAUST aren't a typical Swedish Melodic Death Metal band because their sound seems be more like American Death Metal, how could you explain us this interesting fact?
You think so? I haven't really given it much thought, It is just the way it is. Personally I listen to both swedish and american deathmetal and of course I get influenced by both styles. But why you think that we sound more american death, I really can't say.

HOLOCAUST's lyrics are deal with themas such as Nuclear destruction or something such like it. Why and what does you inspired to write about this subjects? Films, old histories?
Films, other bands lyrics and things out of my everyday-life I think. The song you probably are thinking of is "Nuclear hell" and that was a friend of mine who wrote that one. I often write "short stories" about people who gets to meet death in a brutal way.

You have been a trio-band for many years and without many change members. How this experience are on gig, recording and rehersal? Do you think there's any lost a of enery for fact you have only a guitar play?
In fact we used to have a second guitarist but he quit before we recorded out first demo "Eternized Death" and then he converted to disco. And since our town is rather small it is difficult to find a good second guitaris who's into metal. So that was probably the main reason that we didn't get a fourth guy. But now we've been a trio for many years and it works out just fine. Our bas-player also uses distorted bas so it kind of works as a second guitar. But when we record in the studio I have allways put another guitar on tape.

Are metalheads coming from Sweden more interested to hear Black Metal or Death Metal? What are your favourite Swedish bands?
There are some narrowminded people who only listen to death or black and I don't see why. Both musicstyles kill! I think most people in Sweden that are into metal listen to both. There are many good bands from sweden, but to name a few: Bathory, Marduk, Grave, Unleashed, Dissection, Megaslaughter.

This name HOLOCAUST were dedicated for nuclear holocaust or nazi holocaust?
Or perhaps Hellfire holocaust. By the way, "Anal holocaust" would be a pretty good name for a good porno movie don't you think? Hehe.

What your opinion about the recent Death Metal Scene around the world? Is MORBID ANGEL and CANNIBAL CORPSE doing a good work still as used be in the past? What do Death Metal to be special to you?
Morbid Angel and Cannibal still makes excellent albums. They have changed, but not for the worse. They are still brutal and good, just in a different way. Deathmetal isn't just a musicstyle, it is a whole way of life it is an identity.

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