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The band was formed in 1990, and the original line-up was Syed Munawir and Ahmad Khaidhir on guitars, Shahrul Ahmad on bass, Eddie on drums and percussion and me as the vocalist. The band was originally named Abyss, which means "Jurang", and it was also an acronym of the band members' first letter name. For instance, A is for Ahmad and A-D, B is for Burner, Y is just an upside down symbol of peace, and lastly the double SS are for Shahrul and Syed Munawir. After a while Syed Munawir suggested to add Seasonal to the name Abyss and we agreed. Later on we are known as Seasonal Abyss.

The formation of the band was very simple. Basically we all are Saint Paul's alumni, love the same kind of music, hang out together, have the same vision and mission, and ideal as a team. In term of music, we love aggressive music, which correlates, positively with our lyrics. Our songs give us intrinsic value of satisfaction whereby only the band members and you guys would know how to benefit from listening to them. For the first two years, Seasonal Abyss was more towards Death Metal music. We love to listen to Slayer, Dark Angel, Morbid Angel, Sodom, Bathory, Obituary, Sabbat, Deathrow, Napalm Death and King Diamond. However our eardrums listen to Carcass, Nailbomb, Sepultura, Godflesh, Helmet after these new wave storms the underground scene. Some may say that we are influenced by the bands that I have mentioned before, but I personally believe that our music are truly from our own creativity and ideas.

Our first demo named the "Dead Reality" demo was released on 31/12/1995. We recorded the demo at Z studio Subang Jaya incorporating six songs, including an instrumental song. We took about three hours to complete the demo. We recorded the music live, one shot then only incorporating some minor guitars and vocals. "The demo completed". Yes, it was as simple as that. However, the sound quality produced may not up to the highest standard. Well, with the constraint budget, the demo was a great achievement for us. Two of the demo songs were included in a compilation project by Permathah Pathah Records (Psoriasis Prigg) in 1997.

Hopefully, we will improve the quality in the coming "Split and Unite" demo, which was released in November 1999. Our second demo was recorded at our own home made studio. Produced by ourselves with Ajoi (guitarist) as the engineer.It was nearly 100% DIY stuff, right from the start of recording up to the distribution of the cassettes. Some might say that SA has died with the release of the first demo because of the long silence from us. Actually it was because of many of us further our studies abroad.

Syed Munawir has been in Scotland for about a year (1995) and I have been in the States for almost two years (1995-1997). Syed Munawir took engineering courses. I took Finance at the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Currently I'm pursuing my master degree locally. I was replaced by Syed Ahmad and Eimam for two years and now I am back with Seasonal Abyss. I also would like to thank them both personally for contributing their energy and effort for SA gigs. I love you guys. Syed Ahmad is pursuing his engineering degree at UTM. And Eimam is working at Kodai Sopan Gayo Pejuang Seremban. Ahmad, our guitarist is currently working with a legal firm while Eddie is doing well with shirt printing business. Sad but true, three of the original band members had quit to settle down, They were Syed Munawir, Ahmad Khaidhir and Sharul. Their places were replaced by Ajoi and Zik and I have to play the rhythm guitar. Currently Ajoi is a freelance Sound engineer graduated from The School of Audio Engineering (SAE) KL and Zik is studying at ITM Segamat Johor taking DIIA.

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