band from Greece


Nightfall will be contributing songs to the soundtrack of Blood Kiss, the latest film from Nightmare Productions, USA! This erotic Vampire tale really delivers the goods! With beautiful female victims, and plenty of Gore effects. More info at:
NIGHTMARE Productions

Also, the band decided to upgrade its stage appearance by adding a new person to the actual line up; Miss Vega, a pro dancer, is aiming to promote certain tracks (i.e. Diva, My Red, Red Moon, etc) through pantomime performance.


Do you believe in anything?
In our selves strictly!

Is Nightfall your No. 1 priority in life?
Yes. However, all band members are involved in the so-called music industry in various tasks.

Any other projects?
Non existed.

Why are you with Holy records?
She's our mommy; she's been feeding us good all those years to become the Holy Kings

How is Nightfall on stage?
Extreme. We don't try to caress the audience but to provoke it so to get all the shit within out. Live appearances is a spiritual thing!

How do you describe your music?
Weird enough to analyze it in few rational words.

What are your lyrics dealing with?
Grotesque poems by grotesque men; is it black what I see or simply my beloved eyes refuse to betray that beauty within for the acute cruelty of my reality?..

read more info on the band... at: NIGHTFALL official site