Black metal band from Norway


Nebular Mystic has managed to get hold of a new drummer, which has been pretty hard since there aren`t too many available drummers these days. Valder is the name of the drummer, and from what I heard in rehearsal today, he really knows how to drum fast & compact. Finally the drummachine can once again be left behind in the dust. Valder is also a member of "Alsvart". A really good drummer I must say, at least from My first impression. Good luck!

Yesterday night, Nebular Mystic did their support for the Ancient gig! From what I could hear, it sounded flawless. The crowd was at its best when Nebular played, but when Decapitation and Ancient played, it seemed as if the crowd was already tired, or didn`t want to headbang. Which shows that Nebular Mystic is a very good live band! And that`s what they showed. Pictures from the Gig will be put up shortly. (pictures) Nebular Mystic along with Decapitation will be the warm-up bands for Ancient when they are playing here in Norway, Oslo, 1st of April. If you`re from around the area, you better keep that date in mind!

The guys in Nebular Mystic has just got out from the Panser Studio and is now finished with the recording of their newest two track demo. It will not be for sale. At least not for now. The demo contains the two following songs: -"Frostlagt" and - "As I Blow My Candles". Frostlagt is available through the Mp3 section of this page, if you want to take a listen.


What can you say us about the future plans of your other BM project “Forlorn In Silence”?
Forlorn In Silence is put on ice. Because of bad sound quality, the CD was never released. Two of the songs will be re-recorded and used in Nebular Mystic.

What do you think about all those cult Norwegian bands which now are going to release Avantgarde metal music with Industrial, pop, techno influences(I`m talking about Ulver, Dodheimsgard, The Kovenant…etc)? Will Nebular Mystic evolve its style in the same way?
NO! We will always do the old style, but we will of course try to compose better songs.

What are your greatest influences and fonts of inspiration?
We create music from personal feelings and thoughts. Our greatest fonts of inspirations are: Winter, darkness, sadness and sorrow.

What can you say about the line-up? I know that there were some changes…
Our session drummer Sven Olav Skulborstad, does not play with us anymore, so we are looking for a new drummer. We have also recruited a new Bass player named Dis. (Latest News: Nebular Mystic has now find a new drummer, named Valder).

Music influences the people in many ways…How do you think to influence the listeners with your music?
First off all we made music for our self, and if somebody like it, we appreciate that.

How old are you? When have you started to play Metal Music?
Our age range from 20-23 years. We have listened to Black/Death metal since 1991/1992, and lots of Metal before that. We have been in several bands for many years now.

Can you share with us about your religious beliefs and ideologies?
We are not interested to tell about our religious thoughts in a zine. That’s a very personal thing.

Finally Winter has arrived; how is the time in Norway at this moment? Do you feel yourself musically influenced by the great Norwegian Nature?
The snow has finally begun to fall, it`s getting colder every day. Yes, the lyrics has been inspired by our beautiful Norwegian nature.

Some years ago, I remember there was a real Black Metal satanic organization in your country, do you have any circles or criminal acts:
No Comment.

Would you consider your self as a happy man?
Would you consider your self as a happy man if you had a home made pussy in your locker???

What are the future plans of Nebular Mystic?
Play live shows as much as possible, promote the music as best we can, get a good record deal, enter the studio and record new material.

read more info on the label at: NEBULAR MYSTIC Official site