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NARSILION is a melodic black/death metal band from Richmond,VA-USA.NARSILION is actually the second incantation of DISINTERMENT. They released some demos under that name for the first couple of years. Then, in Oct.'97 they put out their first full length CD... "ENDLESS".

The CD got great reviews everywhere. The band continued to play shows and promote the CD for about 1 1/2 years, and then began working on new material. After another year, or so, they went through some line up changes, and rumors of a break up, but pressed on.

And now, out from the ashes, NARSILION has come forth to stake their claim. The band has gone through an evolution over last few years: from brutal death metal, getting more and more melodic all the time... until... now, when they are compared to the likes of Dark Tranquillity, Dissection, and Opeth. They are currently about to release demo stuff for the new full length... "The Hate Lay Hidden". This will be the most talented/aggressive effort made by the band yet.


The band has now completed the new line up. Garrett Kovalik and Richard Gibson of WDCD have joined on, and are ready to demo the new material. Promos and mp3's for the new music will be available soon.

The band is scheduled to start laying promo tracks in early July, at Karma Productions. The actual full-length recording will take place later. The art work for the new album is done, however. That will be up soon, along with new pics and artwork for the site.

The new album, "The Hate Lay Hidden", will be ready for release by or before November 2000. The precise date is not firm yet, until they decide on a label and distro. However, the album will be released on time, regardless of label support.

read more info on the label and buy the excellent compilation at: NARSILION