legend death grind label from Germany.


Bruno (ex-KRABATHOR), Pegas (the former Krabathor drummer) and R.A.D. on the guitar (the brother of Skull/the current Krabathor drummer) have formed a new band called HYPNOS. Amusing, eh? These boys likewise play brutal death metal and will release their debut-MCD via Morbid Records in June this year.

At last, on 28th February, the 5th LP by these "die harder" death metalworkers from Oldenburg, OBSCENITY, is to see the light of day. The album will be called "Intense" and the name says it all!!! Includes multimedia animations! Catch them on tour with SINISTER from 01/05 to 07/05/2000!!!

Croatia's doom/gothic lunatics ASHES YOU LEAVE will place their next sad hymn entitled "The Inheritance of Sin and Shame" into the shops on 28th February. A few live shows in western Europe are to delight the fans this summer.

The fathers of gore-grind, IMPETIGO, provide a second helping in form of their hard-to-obtain "Faceless" EP, which will now be re-released on an MCD and a limited edition picture-disc-EP. Date of release is 28/02/2000.

ORTH, the infamous deathers from Berlin, are still busy putting the finishing touches to their new album "Feed the Flames", which will likewise be unleashed into the hungry mob in June this year. They'll be going on a short tour with DYING FETUS and PROFANITY the same month.

The brutalo grinders NYCTOPHOBIC are all set to enter the studio once more in order to produce the long-awaited follow-up to "War Criminal Views". It will be entitled "Insects" and promises to kick ass more than you can imagine!!!

Eastern Germany's party maniacs MANOS will release their next "hard" album in June. The studio's been booked for early March. Date of release will most probably be 23/06/2000, in time for the live presentation at this year's WITH FULL FORCE open air festival. For the end of the year there's promise of another "fun" release and a live video is to follow !!!

POSTMORTEM likewise guarantee to delight the craving crowds with their new material at the WITH FULL FORCE.

GRIND OVER EUROPE Part 3 will finally be staged in September this year. Names under discussion are HAEMORRHAGE and NYCTOPHOBIC + 1 or 2 other bands, more could not be disclosed before this news item went to press.

KRABATHOR will be doing a few shows with RITUAL CARNAGE in Japan from 27/03 to 04/04/2000.

read more info on the label at: MORBID Rec. site