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ANU is the soul creation of Drathrul from late 1995 until the present, though nothing was ever pushed as it was for his own listening. A few tracks were dubbed for some people but it was about if people heard it or not.

The mixture of grim black metal and dark experimentation was the foundation of ANU and still remains today. Alot of the music is improvised as well. Pure flowing darkness........

The first release is a limited 7" on Ma-Kahru Distribution. There are only 200 pressed and there will never be a re-pressing. Tracklisting: Intro / The Fire Returns Within the Realms of Blackfrost Into the Gates of Eternity Towards Thy Frozen Dominion

COMPILATION CD "Insights of the profane"

Black Metal ~ Black Ambient

The Ideology: Satanic Black Art, as manifest by the artists and their vision of it. The 2 genres in question, for me, have always had "overlaps in both vision, as well as final art form. This compilation's manifestation is to elaborate on that, and perhaps gel in the minds and hearts of the scene (and beyond?) the true thread that binds them...

The lineup and track listing for the compilation, as they will appear:

1.) Anapthergal {Fin} "Apostatic Sonorities" ...creates music of a bleak mixture of noise and ambience in a dark, atmospheric approach. It is a mix of minimal looping of processed and droning vocals, leadened with sparse hums and drones, demonic rasps and insane machine sounds. A very bleak and cold experience... Anapthergal - jniemi@hit.fi

2.) Abigor {Aut} "Utopia Consumed" ...create majestic soundscapes of dark atmospheres, within the context of Black-Metal art. Lords of the scene, they are a band marked by diverse ability, as they have been very agressive and technical, or extremely raw and brutal... Abigor - exitusnox@netway.at Napalm Records - napalm@silverlink.net

3.) Baal {US} "Extinction" ...a practitioner of dark ambient/death industrial/noise, blackened drones of epic terror and dark, fleshy clouds of dread. The sounds within the music evoke a labyrinth of soul depleting, spirit annihilating, sonic evisceration... BaaL - BaaL7Ava@aol.com

4.) Azaghal {Fin} "Inhimillisyyden Tuollapuolen" ("Beyond Humanity") ...are a rising horde of grim and hateful blasphemers. Their direction is in the vein of rawness, while attaining a very blackened occult atmosphere... Azaghal - tomi.kalliola@pp.inet.fi

5.) Subklinik {US} "Dawn of Desekration" (edited version) ...will bring you death ambient soundscapes & death industrial torture... Subklinik - klinik@abts.net

6.) Archaean Harmony {Mlt} "Metabolism Under the Ascending Moon" (from "Archaean Harmony Promo CD 1999") ...is an original band with elements of Progressive, Modern, Mystical, and Technical Blackmetal. Lyrically the band focuses on Satanic Philosophies, Rituals, Occult and Pagan Myths... Archaean Harmony - darkmortem@hotmail.com

7.) Murderous Vision {US} "Awaken Dommiel" ...discordant dark ambient sounds with scraping abrasive textures sparce in the mix... Murderous Vision - lbrf@mailhost.cle.ameritech.net

8.) Judas Iscariot {US} "The Black Clouds Roll Under the Parapet of the Sky" (from the CD "Distant in Solitary Night") ...black metal inspired by hatred for Xian hypocrisy and lies, nihilistic ideology, and the philosophies of Nietzsche. Judas Iscariot delivers venomous, powerful, and decidedly raw music. A true brethren of the underground... Akhenaten (Breath of Night) - breathofnight@hotmail.com

9.) Ontario Blue {UK} "A Sea of Dust" ...is the solo project of Stephen Pennick of E N D V R A... Stephen Pennick - Stephen@encomm.freeserve.co.uk

10.) Myrmidon {Fucking Texas} "Blasphemous Torture" ...make music of pure evil black metal. They establish quick, blasphemous and sorrowfilled music along with their dark and hateful ambitions. Their music is raw and uncompromising, in the traditional way... Myrmidon - Myrmidon666@hotmail.com

11.) Darkness Enshroud {US} "Totentanz" ...is the very product of years of occult practice/knowledge transferred into music with the direct use of rituals/meditations to generate atmosphere. The resulting trance inducing/ritualistic hymns focus on and delivering pure darkness... Moribund Records - moribund@waypt.com

12.) GoatWAR {Can} "Agony of Human Suffering" ...is about pain, disharmony, torture, hatred and an utter detestation towards the scum of OUR planet. GoatWAR is Raw Black Vomit War Metal... GoatWAR - craig@ns3.finalhost.com

13.) Veinke {US} "Insights of the Profane Outro" Veinke - veinke@sinkhole.net

read more info on the label and buy the excellent compilation at: MA-KAHRU