Black metal label from Philippines.


Kratornas hails from the Philippines. Please tell us about this unknown place. Do you enjoy living there, and how is the black metal scene there? Philippines was a bullshit country!!! You know that, aren't you?!

No, I donít like living here. The Black Metal scene is growing, the bands are few still. In some case the entire scene here is somewhat competing and not united like what the UG used to be. I have nothing to tell you about coz it may just went a full waste of time! I don't enjoy living here, not to mention the stupid weather - it's just bullshit! The machinery we have was just all surplus shit! My car was a surplus engine too, what the fuck?!! I have no knowledge about the scene in the entire Philippines. The correct notion about Kratornas was - it is Barbaric Death Metal, not Black Metal! Perhaps, demo 97 was Black Metal but I leave that for 2 years now. No more about that!!!

How much influence is derived from your homeland and have you ever traveled outside your own country? You're pointing the "tribal" word you see on the flyers.

Well, it points out the Brazillian Tribe! Not the Philippine Tribe! I don't get any culture from Philippines!!! The blood flow during the Brazillian jungle cruelty was unmatched, extremely barbaric!! As for traveling outside this country...that would be like a nightmare come true!!! I always wanted to get out here! Anywhere in Asia, just to get out here, no problem!!! Iím a prisoner here without walls! I need an airplane fare to get me out of this shit. If I traveled out, Iíll not let myself go back in this bullshit country ever! When I was in my junior high school, I have ripped and burn almost 5 Philippine flags! I don't like this country!!! Fuuukkk!!!! Not to mention, I have a wall painted with Philippine flag, every time I went back home, or just staying home, I didn't forget on peeeing on it! It deserves the urine coz that's how worst it is!!!

How did you come up with the unique moniker Kratornas?

I'm sikk and tired answering that kind of question for almost 3 years clear it, it was not an evil name or what the fuck it was! It was Metal!!!!

Your black metal is very unique, yet if I hear influences, it's definately in the noisy, chaotic vein of old Impaled Nazarene, Beherit, Blasphemy and Profantica. Comments... Also, what else beyond music inspires Kratornas?

No comment! All are a part of me putting this shit!!! But there's only 3 people heavily influenced me to play this kind of shit, only three in full fucking order of priority!!! Quorthon; Chuck Schuldiner; and Nocturno Culto!!! No more!!! I now give my sincere answers to those people who write and ask me why I am maximizing the Bathory influence on all my materials. The answer is FUCK OFF! Nobody can stop me from worshipping Quorthon, he is a demi-god.I wanna salute also my Death Metal king John McEntee!!!! If you John read this...Hail to you! coz Diablocal Conquest ruleeees!!!!!

Tell me about your first demo and how it compares to the newer stuff on Onslaught.. Is the title of your first demo an influence from Impaled Nazarene?

demo 97 was a turtle shit with synth heavy bastard! It was too slow with out any tempo changes! Bullshit! I have no idea why I came out on such an idea writing material like that!!! The title wasn't inspired by anyone!!! If it coincides with Mika, it is too flattering but unfortunately, it was NOT!!!!

The vocals are like a full holocaust of throat torture, how do you accomplish this, through massive drug intake?

I only charge myself when writing a guitar! Performing the guitar! Performing the drums during recording! The music is the one charge with drugs!!! Drugs rules!!! Hail to Crack!!! The vocals are natural!!! I have a small voice personally, y'know!!! The screaming are a part of being me!!! In fact I want to stretch far far higher and higher!!! Perhaps, the growling vocals was the hard part!!! The vocals when I was in a grindcore band went higher with Kratornas!!! And all will went higher and higher until it drills you eardrum and finally destroy this bullshit throat(I don't really think about it...I may destroy the throat doing the growls - which I like!!!)!!!! Itís true that after dubbing the vocals, I cough up blood but itís a part of the Kratornas ingredient! Iím happy with that because it shows on the material. Also I studied singing lessons in 2ND grade so that helps a little for me to remember the inhale/exhale technique!

It seems that you have your own label, Ligum Dilum Pro. is this only to release your own material? How has the response been to both releases, and will you record on cd in the future?

You're not staying young!!! If I can't do the speed anymore, I'll quit the band and focus on doing a zine or a distro or a label or bla bla bla to support the scene still!!! I don't have any nightmare to quit supporting the scene! This year 2000, I'm dealing with bands fitted for the anything will be out soon! CD releases are not on my mind yet, later!!!

Is Kratornas a one man entity?

YES!!!...but WE started really as a 3 piece, then the drummer quit first!!! We're a duo - me doing the drums and all that shit! There's chaos for a few months! The x-bassist likes to play My Dying Bride, I like to play Beherit, Brutal Truth, bla bla bla...everything went shit!!! I quit! He moves to the other city looking for other "ddoommhheeaaddss" - slow boring motherfuckers! I don't know where the hell he is now!!!! I don't give a shit!!!

You seem to be against the current BM trend and make-up, what bands do you hail as warriors and which should be crushed? What is your definition of "true", and what do you think of the Polish BM scene?

The trend is worst and you know it!!! Iím against make up coz it belongs to glam bullshit. What true Black Metal bands are using are warpaint! Black metal is an ideology against the christian hypocricy to express utter hat by means of this cult. You donít play black metal to by cool or just to gain money. I fyou want money get a full time job at McDonalds you moron. A lot of stupid CDs self claiming to be Black Metal but don't have the real concept! What the fuck is that??? Fuck off to all these bands that look like a gay witch being fucked up the ass! Whgo cares about your love affair asshole? Labels(with stupid managers; it's not my business...who cares?!!)are keep on signing wimpy bands playing homosexual riffs but with scary image...later get a multi album deal!!! Fuck off!!! Both bands and labels doing that!!! Look at Ron Vento and Aorora Borealis - Ron wasn't care to get signed, but blows all hell to all this stupid fags ruining the underground!!! Nowadays, you don't really need a fag label just to unleash cruel music!!! It all depends on you!!! Warrior bands are: MARDUK, DARK FUNERAL, IMMORTAL, ABRUPTUM!!! Fake bands are millions - It wouldn't fit you page!!!! Some are gaining a lot of Million Dollars by making Black Metal!!! What The fuck!!! Black Metal wasn't made to create as a marketing tool!!! It's a cult!!! Kratornas was a complete Barbaric Death Metal Band , but I know what's exactly going on around!!!! As for Polish Black Metal, Iím quite familiar but not too much updated. There are tons of great bands there too. My death metal heroes are there-VADER. Also Docís MOON is killer too!

What literature and authors inspire you, also what are some of your favorite LPs/CDs that you have been listening to lately?

I don't read books!!! I find it boring and completely bullshit!!! Literature suck donkeys dick!!!! I wasn't inspired by books!!! What the fuck is that?! You hit the strings by just reading one's mind and imagination!!! There's no author to site coz I don't know any!!! Fuck them!!! Fuck them all!!! All authors are fag themselves and out there to make money by publishing a worthless 400 page thick pocket shit!!! All hail the zine editors for keeping the underground strong!!! Hellfrost, Isten, Headfucker, and Metal Core are genius zines. Iím not really heavy on reading too much professional zines that almost looks like Cosmopolitan or GQ downtown display. I dig works coming from someones dedication, and not like his work coz he printed the zine so beautiful from the money of his grandma. Recent CDs was NOCTURNAL BREED!!! Plus, Destroyer also send me an advanced tape "tools for the trade"! Watch out for that soon!!! Title track "tools for the trade" was a killer lethal shit!!! BALTAK, CENTURIAN, and BESTIAL WARLUST are also(still) on the carousel!!! The memorabilia BRUTAL TRUTH was my latest CD I have found on my box!!! Again, all authors are gay nerd bastards deceiving people for money!!!

read more info on the label and the band + mp3 at: LIGUM DULUM prod.