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Golden Lake Productions originally started as a distribution company in October 1995, dealing in underground demos, EPís, Zines etc. The aim of this set-up was to introduce the best and most promising underground bands to the public, who would probably be unaware of such products otherwise.
This has remained the case right up to the present day, as Golden Lake Productions still distribute the best underground demos, CDís, and fanzines. We have always kept our prices as low as we possibly can, check out our catalogue for proof of this. In December 1998,

Golden Lake Productions became a record label as well as a distributer. We released our very own compilation tape "Tales of Growing Splendour" which included 17 top underground bands and 90 minutes of quality music. In February 1999, we released our 2nd compilation tape "Sounds of the Future" which included another 17 bands and 90 minutes of underground music.

It was around this time that Golden Lake Productions signed itís first recording artist. "Mongoose III" the Gods of stoner Sabbath-style metal were signed and this resulted in the release of "The Devilís Big Weed Smoke of Ď65" MCD in June of 1999. This was followed by the release of a third compilation tape "Hymns of Rebellion", featuring 21 bands and 90 minutes of music. March 2000 saw the release of a MCD by the Scottish death/doom gods SERENADE, now signed to Golden Lake Productions. Plans are now in place to release a new MCD by Mongoose III and the next full length album from SERENADE, both later this year sometime.


Interview with Will of Arghoslent on 22/3/00

GLP:Can you give some brief details of the band, i.e. releases and current line-up?
Will: Arghoslent released three demos in the early 90's, all of which are now out of print except for the 1994 "Imperial Clans" demo which can be found on the "Arsenal of Glory" re-release. The current line-up of the essentially the same, with the exception that Will (i.e., me) replaced the old vocalits Gravedigger in 1995. My first appearance with the band was on the 1996 "Arsenal of Glory" EP. Mertaugh, who played guitar on the "Arsenal" recording, left the band for the recording of "Galloping through the Battleruins" but has re-joined for the upcoming release. The line up is Will (vocals), Mertaugh (guitar), Alex (guitar), Thom (bass) and Stauffer (drums).

GLP: What does Arghoslent mean?
Will: The word derives from the ancient Greek "argolis" which means "fortress" and a suffix of indeterminate origin which means "denizen." The word refers to the ancient tales of war and glory and conquest which provide the stimulation for our music and concepts.

GLP: When listening to "Arsenal Of Glory", I can hear elements of 80ís metal and thrash metal. Would you agree with this and who are your main influences?
Will: Certainly. We are very proud of roots in the 1980's metal scene. Mostly, we try to blend hints of the past heavy metal greats along with the speed, aggresiveness, and vocal approach of underground metal as it currently exists. We consider ourselves "underground metal" and refuse to attach any other labels. Influences are always difficult to pinpoint--more than anything else, I think shitty bands without originality influence us to be different and sick.

GLP: The main body of this album was recorded in 1996 and re-mastered in 1999 and your 1994 demo is also included. Has the í96 material been released before and why release it now?
Will: The 1996 material was released in 1996 as "Arsenal of Glory." It released only on cassette and was widely available throughout the world. Over the years we sold quite a few copies of it, and this caught the interest of Hammerheart/Woodnymph in 1997. The CD was re-released now because we felt the time was right--our debut CD has been out for a year and a half, and we are in the middle of negotiating a multi-album deal with a new label. We always looked forward to the release of "Arsenal" on Cd.

GLP: Do you have any new material ready for recording and release for the near future?
Will: We have a wealth of new material. As I mentioned, we are currently working out the final details of a new record deal, and we will be recording this summer. The contract will be for several albums, so we will not be going away anytime sooon.

GLP:How do you find reactions to your music from Europe compare to those from the US?
Will: The reaction to our music is much better in Europe than in the USA. America, of course, is very much into the brutal gore type of Death Metal, and we are not into this, so most Americans are not into our music. Of course, many Europeans dislike us for one reason or another, and Europe is very much obsessed with Blank Metal and fashion trends as well, so I guess nobody really likes our music! No, we have a dedicated hardcore group of supporters all across the world, but they are not really concentrated in any one location. There are many in Europe, but there are also many in America and in South Africa, Latin America, etc.

GLP: What themes do your lyrics cover?
Will: Our lyrical concepts deal with a variety of topics. Mostly they all deal with the assault on the false dichotomies that have been forced on people's minds. People have been brainwashed with weakness and inferiority, with equality and with globalism. We proudly extol virtues which directly contradict all of these things--love of war, the struggle to reach a superior state of existence through the enslavement of the weak, etc.

GLP: Are you the type of band that embarks on intensive touring and do you feel the inherent hassles of touring/gigging are worth the effort in general?
Will: We rarely play out due to lack of time. There is very little money in touring, and so we would all have to leave our jobs, lose money, and be unable to pay our bills. We make music only for our worldwide group of supporters and freinds that have helped us all of these years. Our music inspires fierce loyalty from some, just as it inspires intense hatred from others. We don't care about making money or selling lots of records or about touring and being rockstars, we only want to continue to communicate our musical vision to our supporters.

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