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We are proud to announce the grand opening of our finally established web-page and our first release; the debut CD of the Norwegian Black-metal band RINGNEVOND!! EdgeRunner Records (E.R.R) is a rather new company established in late '98 in order to spread the word of Metal throughout the world and especially in the cold northern waste known as Norway. We are constantly growing and can today offer a wide range of activities from such as manufacturing and promotion to gig-arranging and consulting for other small "start up-companies." Beside this we also carry Alchemy Gothic (valid from March 2000) articles and lots of other cool clothes and jewelry. We are today still seeking co-operators all around the globe, so all labels, distributors, bands, magazines and especailly radiostations: Get in touch!!! Well, take a look at our pages and feel free to send us some constructive criticism if there are some things you find positive or negative! Web-masters: Link us to your pages!!! This site is still under construction but we hope you will enjoy it anyway!


is a great Norwegian Black-metal act. They have just released their debut full-lenghter on EdgeRunner Records featuring 11 tracks of Ravishing, ultrabrutal yet melodious Stout Norwegian Metal! "Nattverd" which is the title of this CD has gained very much great criticism throughout the world and an Australian metal radio DJ said it was one of the best albums he had heard during 1999!! This CD is their debut and as they only signed for one CD on our label they are currently looking for a new label to release their next CD. If you're into Brutal music with a touch of elegancy - Check this CD out!!

is a Norwegian Black-metal band that was supposed to release their debut MCD entiteled "Chaos Preferred" through EdgeRunner Records. For various reasons this did not become reality and we are instead promoting their new demo CD with the same title. Old School Black-metal! The band is looking for a label!

read more info on the band at: EDGERUNNER Rec.