Black metal magazine from Brazil

The last thrown edition was of number 10, dated of December/1998. After this period, our activities only stayed in the Internet. Our objective is that still on this year of 2000, a new edition is published. While this, check the material presented in the copy #10.

Interviews: Morbid Angel, Lethal Curse, Embalmed Souls, Bethlehem, Rotting Christ, Suidakra, Ora Pro Nobis, Genocídio, Abhorrence, Torture Squad, Corpse Grinder, Tuatha De Danann, Judas Iscariot, Depresy, Silent Stream of Godless Elegy, Avenger and Kreditor.

Player - With Cyber Necro Daemon, keyboard-player of the Malkuth band. Battlezone - With Jorge Pasteto, responsible for the Dark Page site. Contos do Caixão - Stories of terror writings by movie director José Mojica Martins. Articles - "Cultura Underground: Consumo, patrulhamento e cara de mal", text writing by Amaudson Ximenes, guitar-player of the Obskure band. Web Journey - Report about the Underground in the Internet.

Under Review - Comments of the several sounds materials: High Radiation, Arch Enemy, Samael, Old Man's Child, Identity Four, Necrophagia, Torture Squad, Gloria Patri, Skepticism, Raison D'Être, Depresy, Silent Stream of Godless Elegy, Forgotten Silence, Sad Harmony, Vader, Sepultural Feast, Gothic Sex, Centinex, Adramelech, Anasarca, Imago Mortis, A Call To Irons, Songe d'Enfer/Miasthenia, Krisiun, Morbid Angel, Lethal Curse, Obskure, Absu, Disforterror, Cursed Celebration, Anphisbenah, Abhorrence, Eterno, Corpse Grinder, Ora Pro Nobis, Sargatanas, Psicostasia, M-26, Demimonde, Phallus Filosofiam, Grothesc, Tearsul, Lyric Butcher, Monasterium, Onoskelis, Poeticus Severus, Avenger/Judas Iscariot, Mortal Scenery, Legion, Fornication, Desdominus, Beegar, Imperial Doom, Disgorge, Tuatha De Danann, SOH, Kreditor, Mental Horror, Torment and Tides of Eternity. Publications - Reviews of the several zines: The New Breed, Lamentation, Aterrorize Pain, Mvzika, Heavy Doom Filosofia, Medical Genocide, Cryptorium, Fúria Metal, Eterno, Tormentum Aeternu, The Glory of Pagan Fire, Anal Rape of God, Maliganant, Espantalho, Seraph, Zoltar, The Philosopher, Roadie Crew, Pecado Capital, W & W News, The Mirror, Morgaelian, Acero and Death. Step by Step - The guitar-player Fabrício Lopes of the Imago Mortis band, writes about the recording of the debut album, the music and of the lyrics of this work. Translations - Translated lyrics of the Obskure band.

Check-up - "Studios of recordings and technical advices", text writing by Carlos Lopes of the Dorsal Atlantica band. Live Report - Reviews of the shows.

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