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Dark Wave is the metal radio show of Radio P.FM (99.9) in France and more precisely in the North of the France (Arras).

Dark Wave is born two years ago, in January 1997, which has the main aim is to promote and help the metal bands that is to say the bands who play a extreme style of music and more precisely, the heavy, gothic, doom, death, black, grind.... bands. This collaboration between Dark Wave and the bands is realized by the help of the label whatever their importance on the metal scene (as well as they are big or small) provided that they are in the metal vein.

Dark Wave isn't a support only for the label. The radio show is equally a support for the underground bands (which are French or of an other foreign) which try to promote their productions in France and in the world and that is the reason for which Dark Wave allow to them to help to promote their demos, EPs, CDs....

About the diffusions of Dark Wave radio show, 3 diffusions are appointed. In first, there is the live broadcast all Sundays between 10h30-12h00 and there are 2 repeats in the week, all Mondays in the night (22h30-00h00) and all Fridays morning (09h00-10h30). You can listen Dark Wave in Arras and in the Arras's district (Lens, Douai...). If you want more info about the radio show (playlists...), send me an e-mail.

In more of the “normal radio”, Dark Wave is also a web zine dedicated to the extreme musical styles. In this site, you will find reviews, news, interviews, RealAudio and you can order directly your CDs. If you think that your activity could interest the visitors, don't hesitate to contact me.

read more info on the radio at: Darkwave Radio