Black metal band, label from Greece

ANCIENT TRAGEDY is my fanzine. It`s a full - coloured `zine and till now two issues have been unleasheth upon mankind! Among with each issue an equal number of compilation tapes (that include all the bands interviewed in each issue) may be found. For the moment no more issues are scheduled but labels that send promo stuff may find their reviews in the rewiews - section of this site.

Finally, DEMONION Prod. is my small label which distributes but also releases demos and 7". Ask for the complete mail order list that contains over 450 items (i.e. cds / zines / demos / 7") Follow the mystic parchments on the image map for more details, explore the various links, read my reviews on recent album releases and email me if thou art uncertain about anything!!!


Demo Releases:

DMN 001 MC is the debut demo of Hellas` very own HYPNOS. The band plays a sort of atmospheric and melodic black metal which is 50% based on keys. Their lyrics are influenced from Lovecraft`s creations and their whole effort is dedicated to His memory. SOLD - OUT

DMN 002 MC is the debut demo of Norwegians KEEP OF KALESSIN. Their work was recorded back in 1996 but the band couldn`t promote it because of lack of time thus it has been released under DEMONION Prod. KEEP OF KALESSIN plays fast Norge black metal with a lot of melodic and slow parts. Two cds have already been released under AVANT GARDE Rec. Excellent!!! SOLD - OUT

DMN 003 MC is the debut demo of Swedish MARTYRUM. They characterise their music as satanic black metal with influences from SATYRICON and DISSECTION. Unfortunately the band has split! SOLD - OUT

DMN 004 MC is the debut demo of LETHARGY, a very promising band that hails from northern Hellas. They play a mix of atmospheric and melodic gothic / death metal with the use of violin and piano (somehow like MY DYING BRIDE). The demo contains 3 killer tracks with great sound and a fantastic A4 colored cover. Great! Cd already out from THRONE Prod. SOLD - OUT

DMN 005 MC is the demo of the Finnish one - man act WITH HATE I BURN... The band plays fast black metal with atmospheric parts. Limited to 100 copies!!! SOLD - OUT

DMN 006 MC is the debut demo "Morkets Rike" from the Norwegians UTUMNO. It contains 3 norwegian styled black metal tunes, inspired by Tolkien`s work and an intro! The demo was released on CARCAROTH Prod. in only 100 copies and now re - released on DEMONION Prod. SOLD - OUT

DMN 007 MC is the re - release of the demo of the Hellenes GOATHRONE. It has been recorded back in 1995, released from DRUVID Prom. and now re - released from DEMONION Prod. but this time with a coloured cover. It contai ns 3 songs (2 of them are intro / outro) and the music is blasphemous black metal in a very primitive NECROMANTIA vein! SOLD - OUT

DMN 008 MC is the re - release of the demo of the Hellenes DRUTENTUS. It has been recorded back in 1996, released from DRUVID Prom. (limited to 150 copies) and now re - released from DEMONION Prod. but with a coloured cover. It contains 2 long tracks, one on synths and the other of pure Norge styled black metal! SOLD - OUT

DMN 009 MC is the debut release of Portugal` s grinders FATALITY. It`s a promo called "Suffocation of a Nightmare" which offers thee some CANNIBAL CORPSE influenced grind! It contains intro / outro, a grinding track and some bonus unreleased live material! Just a release before their album! SOLD - OUT

DMN 010 MC is a celebration comp. tape called "Prometheus Unleashed". 10 demo releases and 1 year of DEMONION Prod! It contains 90 munites of unreleased music from acts like LOVE... LIES... BLEEDING..., HERESIARH, WARLOGHE, GODBLOOD, UTUMNO, MARTYRUM, CHAINED AND DESPERATE, OFFICIUM TRISTE etc! This time and from now on, all releases with pro b/w cover!

DMN 011 MC is the second demo of the French one - man act LOVE… LIES… BLEEDING… After their impressive debut which contained some great 25 min of symphonic black metal they are back with their second strike entitled "The Lady Who Didn` t Want to Be". Album out on CCP!

DMN 012 MC is the demo of Finnish satanic black fucking metallers PEST! A band that includes Nazgul from SHATARGAT / HORNA / BLASPHEMOUS EVIL! This demo is definitely one of the most blasphemous releases lately in the underground! 2 7" and an album already out! SOLD - OUT

DMN 013 MC is the long awaited 2nd strike of the Norwegians UTUMNO! Much improved from their debut demo the band still insists playing true black metal in the Northern way! Comes with pro b / w cover. Cd and 7" soon out on END ALL LIVE Prod. SOLD - OUT

DMN 014 MC is the re - release of "Oracles from the Neitherworld" of the legendary Hellenic band CHAINED & DESPERATE! This tape was meant to be released on cd form. It contains 6 tracks of pagan black metal in the vein of ROTTING CHRIST. Sound production by Magus Wampyr Daoloth. The demo comes with pro b/w cover and 2 bonus tracks from their unrleased promo "Heliopolis"! Cd just out!!!

DMN 015 MC is the new demo of Yugoslavia` s very own STONE TO FLESH! Pure and raw old school thrash / black metal performed by 5 Serbian warriors!!! Also contains their debut demo "Serbian Woods" and comes with a killer pro b / w cover!

DMN 016 MC is the debut demo of the Hellenic NS blacksters DER STURMER! Four hordes of minimalist Aryan black metal in the Polish vein! Comes with pro b/w cover! Cd soon out on WOLFTOWER Rec.

DMN 017 MC is the debut demo of Finnish SHATARGAT! This PEST / HORNA / BLASPHEMOUS EVIL project contains some very melancholic black metal in the vein of early DIMMU BORGIR and BEHEMOTH! Of course it comes with pro b / w cover!

DMN 018 MC is the demo of the blasphemous Polish death / black act GOETIA. A band that came out of the unknown and is ready to tear you apart!!! Pro b/w cover! TO BE RELEASED

DMN 019 MC is the demo of Finnish KALMISTO, a project of another PEST member! Do not expect any black metal this time as this masterpiece will directly transfer you to the 80s death metal era yet with a more blasphemous sound!!! Pro b/w cover! TO BE RELEASED

DMN 020 MC is the demo of BLUTRACHE (Europe) which plays fast melodious black metal with an NS ideology! The demo is limited to 33 copies (no trades) and comes with good quality xerox b / w covers which represents the passing stage from pro b / w to pro colored covers!

DMN 021 MC is the new demo of the Norwegians AD INFEROS! Adorers of their "Sinn" demo should get hold of this one! It might not have anything to do with it but musically they have strengthen and improved! This time and from now on, all releases with pro colored cover!

DMN 022 MC is the new demo of the epic / heavy metal act FOREVER WINTER (Finland). A very mature release, far better from their debut cd. Comes with pro colored cover! TO BE RELEASED

DMN 023 MC is the split demo between SERAPH (Austria) and NETHEREALM (Singapore). This is a pure black metal release with ye olde underground spirit! Pro colored cover! TO BE RELEASED

DMN 024 MC is the latest 3rd effort of MORCROF (Brazil)! Mystical black metal art in the old vein! TO BE RELEASED

DMN 025 MC is the new and latest effort of the Hellenes TATIR, a black metal band that managed to establish themselves in the underground scene. Pro colored cover! TO BE RELEASED

EP Releases:

DMN 001 EP is the long awaited split 7" of the Hellenes MACABRE OMEN and Cypriot GODBLOOD. It contains 1 new song of each band and comes with a great cover with lyrics etc. SOLD - OUT

DMN 002 EP is another split 7", this time featuring the bands ODES OF ECSTASY and NOCTURNAL HOWLING, both from Hellas. The first play a THEATRE OF TRAGEDY styled death metal while the others prefer it raw and brutal! Less than 100 copies left!

DMN 003 EP is WARLOGHE` s debut 7". After the success they had with "The Black Tower" demo this one is out to devastate all their worshippers.Cd just out on DRAKKAR Prod. And this is only the beginning... SOLD - OUT

DMN 004 EP is a four way split 7" featuring Danish blacksters DEMON REALM, the Hellenes NS black metallers F. R. O. S. T., the French GARWALL and the Canadian AXIS OF ADVANCE (ex - SACRAMENTARY ABOLISHMENT). The idea / concept of this four way split is quite straightforward... Mankind is doomed to self - annihilation due to its worthless nature and the bands featured are going to deliver it a bit more earlier!!! TO BE RELEASED

============MACABRE OMEN============

MACABRE OMEN was formed in the summer solstice of 1994 by Evil Dark and Mournful and hails from Hellas` "Isle of The Sun" - mainly known as Rhodes. Till now they have released "Secrets of the Moonlight" Demo `94 (SOLD - OUT), "Before Darkness..." Demo `95" (SOLD - OUT), "Olympus" Promo `96 (Still Available), a split 7" EP with GODBLOOD (Cyprus) called "The Waltz of the Nereids, of the Dryads, of the Nymphs" (SOLD - OUT) and last but not least a split 7" with WALHALLA (Finland / project with members of THY SERPENT, GLOOMY GRIM and SOULGRIND!) called "The Past, is the Future, of the Present" (Still Available). The music that MACABRE OMEN plays could be described as melodic and mystical Rhodian black metal.

Beware of the new 4 - way split cd with JUDAS ISCARIOT (Usa) / KRIEG (Usa) / ETERNAL MAJESTY (France) soon to be out via SPIKEKULT Rec. This one should be out around March 2000 and will contain two new yet unreleased hymns! There are also negotiations for another split 7" with MOONSORROW (Finland) and maybe a full - length for this years` summer solstice. Order "Olympus" for only 4$ (comes with coloured A4 cover) and the new 7" for 6$ from:

c/o Alex Antoniou, Agiou Ioannou 6, Kremasti 85104, Rhodes / Hellas

read more info on the band and label at: MACABRE OMEN + DAIMONION