Black metal band from Holland

26 April 2000
The new album will be released by Osmose. Currently the band has written seven full songs, and one instrumental, for a total of approximately 50 minutes. When the band will enter the studio is unknown however.
21 April 2000
Two new concert dates added
10 March 2000
Pictures from a live show in Asten, 18 februari 2000! See the 'live' section in the visuals section.
29 februari 2000
Two possible gigs announced on the gig-page. And more links....


I know your bandname is taken from the book "The lord of the Rings". Could you, for those who haven't read this book, explain what Cirith Gorgor means?
It stands for "The spectre defile leading to Gorgoroth, the Valley of Death".

I think you're all round 18 or 19 years old. Are you listening to B.M. for a long time now, or were you a part of the Death Metal scene in the past, because I think you can hear some Death Metal influences on your demo?
The ages of the bandmembers vary from 17 up to 22. We all listen to Metal for years now and of course B.M. because this style of music fits best to our thought-patterns. I'm not conscious of having woven some Death-Metal influenced riffs into our songs. It even looks cold to me because if we are influenced (not purposely/consciously) by any band this definitely must have been a Black one.

The demo is limited to 250 copies only. You told me that you prefer a small edition, and I immediately thought it would be a kind of rehearsal tape to be honest (which I personally prefer most). Instead of a rotten tape with a rotten sound and a copied booklet (done for 10 cent at the supermarket) I received a professionally done tape and booklet, with a sound better than the average.
I must thank you for the compliment. We indeed have chosen to release a professional tape. The professional tape, the excellent production and the cover quality are all a gesture to the buyers of it to give them as much as possible for their money. The costs for our demo were nearly the same as it yields. Because making music is our hobby and we don't have to live of it we're trying to present it as good and professional as possible.

Have you also chosen to release it this way with the hope on a record-deal?
Personally I'm not interested in a record-deal right now, this creates often too many obligations. First of all let us record a worthy succession after "Mystic Legends..." at the end of this year! We will strike again!!

You seem to be inspired by "The Lord of the Rings" when I take a look at your bandname or the lyric of "Shadows over Isengard". Can you tell us something more about the lyrics?
Cirith Gorgor is indeed inspired for a big part by the mighty Tolkien, but you must not forget the Goetia, the mighty Shemhamphorash-part inspired us a lot as well. The rest of the lyrics are all extracts from the brains of Astaroth Daemonum, Nimroth and Lord Mystic.

CIRITH GORGOR have already signed to Osmase Productions.
Interesting site using Flash. read more info on the band, see the tour dates, sign the guestbook.... at: CIRITH GORGOR official site