Black metal magazine, label from Sweden.


Cadla Communications are basically doing three things: audio releases (CD's and cassettes), promotion in Scandinavia (for some foreign labels and bands) and a true Metal magazine, namely Cadla Magazine!
We have been around for quite some time now (since December 1995), and we'll never quit. Even if things changes in the future - and we all know they will - Cadla will be there, one way or another.
Last autumn we released the fifth issue of Cadla Magazine, and we are now working hard with our CD-releases!
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This website is updated as soon as we have something cool to add, so pop by a little now and then to see what's new!


CADLA MAGAZINE #1 - 28 Swedishwritten A5-pages (June 1996) A true killer! Featured interviews with Darkthrone, Moonspell, Edge of Sanity, Spiritual Beggars, Samael, Anglagard, Gehennah etc... It received the worst response you can imagene (we can't understand why, ehh...) but sold quite well anyway, mostly because of the enormous bunch of flyers that was spread within the Swedish underground. Sold out (500 copies)

CADLA MAGAZINE #2 - 36 Swedishwritten A5-pages (November 1996) Two editions of this issue was printed, because of problems with the first one... This issue was an improvement for sure, but it still got bad response, which isn't very hard to understand if you try to read it! The bands that were interviewed this time: Arckanum, Hypocrisy, Necrophopic, Svartsyn, Puissance, Algaion, Darklands, Eternal Tears of Sorrow, A Canorous Quintet, Fear Factory and more... Sold Out (600+)

CADLA MAGAZINE #3 - 56 Swedishwritten A5-pages (April 1997) The third issue was of course the best one when it was released, but it was still photo-copied (with glossy cover though) and with a quite boring layout (made on Widda's Compaq 386, ha!). The most important thing when it comes to Metal magazines is, in our opinion, not the layout though, but the actual articles! We will of course improve our layout in the future, but we will always try to give you a great bunch of reading-hours every time we release a new issue! Sold Out! (350 copies)

CADLA MAGAZINE #4 - 72 Swedishwritten A5-pages (1997) Our best and thickest issue at that point. This fourth issue was actually the first one that some people really liked, and we even kind of like it ourselves! Interviews with: Hypocrisy, Therion, Withering Surface, Vomitory, Maniac Butcher, Opeth, The Crown (ex. Crown of Thorns), Opera IX, Atrocity, Aeternus and more... Also TONS of record reviews, a "the dead never says no"-article and more... A big mistake was to not publish any demo- or fanzine reviews. We're truly sorry about this - it won't happen again. Totally fuckin' sold out! (400 copies)

CADLA MAGAZINE #5 - 68 Englishwritten A5-pages (1998) The first Englishwritten and pro-printed issue we ever did. Interviews with: Mayhem, Manegarm, Menhir, King Diamond, Inverted, Impious, Exmorted, Centinex, Thyrfing and a few others... Also tons of record-, fanzine- and demo reviews of course, and some other cool things. Find out what the readers said by clicking here. Still available ($4/7DM/25sek). Order your copy NOW!

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