band from USA

Hail! This is the official site for Burning Winds a one man Sick Black Metal band unleashed
to crush all trendy christian fakes..The music is Raw,Grim, Black Metal, no gay keyboards
or trendy female vocals with boring intros and outros......Some influences Profanatica,Beherit,
Fluistewoud,Mysteriis(Fra.)Centurion Centauri,Thylord,Bloodhammer,
Antaeus, Clandestine Blaze,etc. For interviews,info, or anything
concerning the band contact NecroDan via email or snailmail


1.Hails brother! Please introduce Burning Winds to the mindless masses...
Unholy Greetings,Burning Winds is a sick one man trendcrushing Black Metal band formed to crush all the trendy fakes that now invade this so called era in Black Metal today......

2.Your demo has been out for quite a while now. What has the response been like so far?
Yes its been out since April,the response have been really good so far I was'nt expecting that at all,I was hoping that people would hate it because of the raw production and untuned guitars but it has sold very good I only have a few available.

3.Why is Burning Winds a one-man band? Is it just the way you want it, or are ther no musicians in your area that would be dedicated enough?
I formed Burning Winds just as a one man project thats all that its about,there are only a few dedicated musicians around this shithole but they like Black Metal that has clean vocals and gay keyboards hell with that I hate that stuff in my opinion B.M. should be raw as hell without keyboards and gay vocals like most of the bands today...

4.What inspires you to write such fucking EVIL music?
Total destruction of this earth,Satanism,mass murder,I hate this place and everything on it,here in the shitty US. we are overwelmed with worthless niggers and a fuckedup government everyday I just get more pissed off more and more my lyrics are for the destruction of this earth...

5.How do you compose your songs? Do you jam until you find a good riff, or do you have to be in a special mindset befor you can write something decent?
What I do is just start jamming right off the top of my head till I compose something sick and raw that goes with the lyrics then I program the drums to go along with the riffs...I'm always in the destructive mood everyday especially when I pick up my guitar,its like picking up a shot gun!

6.Tell us about the ideological basis for Burning Winds!
Burning Winds hates everything and every body,I am for mass destruction for this planet and everything on it!

7.You also run Necromantic Productions. What can you tell us about this?
Yes I started this back in late 95 because not too many people were involved with videos I only started with about 20 shows now I have over 3500 Death and Black Metal videos for sale or trade,I also started a small label with it I helped out a couple local underground bands release their debut CDs (Funeral Possession,and Rise From Embers) which are both now R.I.P. but were great bands,I also released my rehearsal demo through Necromantic Productions..My web site was started in late 97 by some friends in Cleveland and has really taken off since then....

8.Apart from your own projects, you are also involved in WIND OF THE BLACK MOUNTAINS. What is your part withi this band?
Well I was supposed to play bass on the new Winds album but due to conflicks with Tchort it never happened so I have no part with that band, that to is a solo project for Tchort,I jam with some locals in another project (First of the Fallen) doing guitars and vocals we have talked about doing a 7 inch but the other members are very busy with their lives so I doubt anything will happen with that,I'll prolly just stick to Burning Winds although I am searching for other members to do something else....

9.What do you think of the US scene? I'm sure you agree that it has gotten better over the last few years, although there have always been a number of great US bands that have been ignored because of there geographical location. What do you think of people that won't give a band a chance just becuse of their land of origin?
The U.S. scene has gotten better,there are some great bands that get started and end up going no where which is a shame, in my area we had Funeral Possesion and Rise From Embers which were 2 raw Black Metal bands that should have went somewhere but due to conflicks with members they disbanded,but their are some good bands that come from this place that get around in thee underground..I know everyone in the western hemisphere hate the Americans I don't blame them we have the most fuckup government there is they think they can contral everything and everyone let me tell you there are tons of anti-government organizations here that dispise it as well..I think that people should atleast give the good U.S. bands a chance we hate it here too...!

10.I know you like the great bands of old (Beherit, Blasphemy, Profanatica, Mayhem...), but what do you think of the current scene? And what are your thoughts concerning the underground? Do you agree that it is slowly improving?
The current scene is slowing getting better but it seems every band wants to play gothic Black Metal which sucks we need more bands like Blasphemy,Beherit,Profanatica,Sarcofago,etc. not this gothic shit...Although there are some great Black Metal bands out there we just need more in the scene.....

11.Do you think we can we can bring back the scene's former glory? How?
Not really the underground scene will never be like it use to, like in the late 80's and early 90's when it was about playing raw Satanic Black Metal with spikes and warpaint without the keyboards and female vocals...The French seem to have a strong scene wiith some killer bands comming from there....

12.Your lyrics are very Satanic and anti-christian. What do you see as true Satanism? What would you be prepared to do for your "Horned Master"?
Everyone has their own opinion of Satanism and what it stands for, myself don't belive in religion or any god or gods there is no proof that any of that stuff ever happened but I do like the ideas of Satanism for the destruction of every living thing and fuck christ!!! What I would do for my Horned Master if there was one would be mass murder,death,destruction of the human race!!!

13.Do you belong to any religieous or political organisations? What do you think of such organisations?
No I don't belong to anything,most groups and organisations here just want your money and don't do anything for you...Where I live we have quite alot of skinhead organisations which are great because of all the niggers I do take part with them to when they rally or stomp on some filthy trash...I like the ideas of these organisations it all sounds good but no one ever takes part just talk about doing things..

14.What is your sickest PERVERSION?
Having a pigs blood ass orgie with my little whore!!!

15.What do you think of drugs? DO you use them?
Drugs are great we need more of them and stronger,I take anything I can get my hands on!!!

16.What would your solution be for the overpopulation problem this fucked-up world is facing?
We need to do what Hitler never finished that would help out if that would'nt work its time for WWIII!!!!!!!

17.What is your opinon on the US gun-laws? Do you have any guns?
The gun laws are getting stricter everyday because of all this mass chaos,most of the assholes who are trying to make the laws tougher don't even own a gun they just don't like what they do I think those people need to be shot we don't have a gun control problem we have a government problem!! Yes I own many guns ranging from a 9mm pistol to many shot guns,guns are great!!!

18.OK, we have reached the end! End as you like...
Thanks Wraith for this interview and giving Burning Winds a chance to be known,I plan on recording more hate in the future,I hope everyone fucking hates Burning Winds that will only make me stronger fuck off and die,KILL,DESTROY,BURN the human race!!!! read more info (photos!!) at: BURNING WINDS