Black metal band from Italy....


Death-Dark-Black Metal band, "Banshee" was founded by the guitarist, Francesco and the singer Luca in February '97, in Salerno, city of fame for the histoical presence of "Certosa" monument, in Italy. Later, the second guitarist Mario joined the band, giving contribution to the songwriting for the four songs proposed in the demo-tape. Since the first drafting of the songs are notable strong death and dark influences upon a black metal base.

Groups such as Dark Throne, Emperor, Burzum, Anathema, Opeth and At the Gates have inspired their style, even so harsh. Finding a steady formation in the bassist Daniele (ex God of sadness) and, even thought temporally, Rosario (playing in Lathebra) at the drums, a year later, finally, went the time for the reconding sessions to give birth to the first work: "Growing into the Rotten Garden". It was their first studio experience.

The "rotten garden" mentioned in the title represents the depressing ambient, causing frustration and anger in all who try to live out of its scheme. Going against the rules (even not twisting 'em) means loosing every strength and enthusiasm, because the masses-living is reactionary hard, static, oppressing and insane. This is not an anthems to revolution but an attempt to get a voice heard in a mud that wants all people the same, submersed in its hypocrite wealthyness, narcotised by who sees mankind idiot, with no ideals or future.
Busying in live dates with the "3RD", another metal band in Salerno, and in new fucking mad songs composing, at the moment, band is looking for a steady line-up and real management, going on straight in recording a new work, even though they know they're still so young and their stile is not "trendy", but convinced of the possibility to go further.

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