On a cold dark winter's night of January 1995, two blasphemous members Darkmortem and Lord Trebor formed the infernal band Archaean Harmony. The main reason why those two warlocks formed this band was to express their darkest emotions and obscure inner thoughts.

Other musicians joined forces, to leave later mainly due to the band's philosophies. For sometime the band remained only the two founding members, as no musician matched the bands qualities. In March '97 Adrameleck, was recruited, with a few months later a drum programmer was added to the line up. This line up together with a bassist released the demo entitled "Resentment of an Evanesce Aeon".

In July of 1999 the band enter Temple Studios to record its new material. This resulted in a 30mins of Progressive Black metal and released as a CD format, aimed mostly to labels. 3 tracks played in the most unique and technical way, the band experimented more, and inserted more orchestration, which resulted in a more symphonic result. The concept of dark atmosphere was kept, and the band elaborated more on guitar work and some new fresh ideas on the vocals department was inserted. On this release Lord Trebor played most instruments, and the band didn't use any session musicians.

============ INTERVIEW ============

Tell me something about your lyrics: what it presents to you, what inspired you?
Our lyrics deal with Satanism in general, Occultism, Rituals, Myths and anything that is related to darkness. They represent a lot to us, they are not just fill in lines. We write our lyrics form a very philosophical point of view, and like the music it is the reflection of our obscure inner thoughts. What inspire us? Darkness, Solitude, Old Temples, Unholy Nights, and books we read.

Are you a follower of LaVey's satanism? What does it stand for you?
We respect a lot Anton LaVey. I can't say we are followers of Lavey in a way, because we didn't read his works and started to live that way of life. When we read his works we discovered that we have a lot in common with Laveyan philosophy. Satanism is our life…

Are you interested in some rituals or another way of magic? Can you recommend me some good works which I should read?
Man needs rituals… We are interested in the black arts in general both in theory and practice.This depends on the person's philosophies and way of life, and even culture. From my point of view I find the works of Anton Lavey very recommended. Aliester Crowley is an other example. Freya Aswynn should also be mentioned if one is interested in Rune Magick.

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